Welcome! My name is Jeremiah Gault. I am a game designer/programmer with a passion for innovation. I currently live in Sacramento, CA with my lovely wife Emily, daughter Elizabeth, and three cats. Here are some of my creations.

Several years in the making, an advanced decision-making AI system for computer games and robotics. Available as an open source C++ library.


Emily Card

An interactive 3D card for my wife's birthday. Has a randomized slideshow of our memories.

download (7.5mb)
requires DirectX 9.0c

Nuclear Shooter

A simple shooter game created to help demonstrate the capabilities of the Nuclear Fusion game engine.

download (1.3mb)
requires DirectX 9.0c

Fort Knox map

A multiplayer map for Company of Heroes PC game. Designed for 3 human players who start in a base together to face off against AI.

download (8.3mb)
requires CoH PC game

Kannubal's Map

My first computer game, for Mac OS 8/9. A turn-based strategy game where you outfit ships with supplies and crews, race to a treasure, and face off with mythological creatures.

Before learning to program, I created several fantasy and sci-fi themed board games. One of the more unique ones was called "Success", where the goal was to achieve fame, fortune, and friends.
Other Experience

• Beta tested the Nuclear Fusion game engine for Nuclear Glory Entertainment Arts, LLC. www.nuclearglory.com

• Beta tested BFPirates, a fun multiplayer modification of Battlefield 1942 for the PC. www.bfpirates.com

• BA in Communications Studies, Digital Media concentration.

• A+ Certified


You are welcome to contact me. Please allow a delay in responding, as I am generally very busy.

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